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  • Cosmological N-body Simulation---an overview of cosmological simulation.

  • From Sir Issac to the Sloan Survey--Calculating the Structure and Chaos Owing to Gravity in the Universe; slight update of the cosmological problem together with the formation and evolution of the solar system.

  • Formation of Quasars at High Redshift

  • The Origin of the Magellanic Stream

  • Evidence Against Dissipationless Dark Matter From Observations of Galaxy Haloes

  • A Performance Study of Cosmological Simulations on Message-Passing and Shared-Memory Multiprocessors

  • FAST: A Functional Algorithm Simulation Testbed

  • Functional Algorithm Simulation of the Fast Multipole Methiod: Architectural Implications

  • Cosmological Simulations with TreeSPH

  • Photoionization and the formation of dwarf galaxies

  • Damped Lyman-alpha and Lyman Limit Absorbers in the Cold Dark Matter Model

  • The Lyman-alpha Forest In the Cold Dark Matter Model

  • The Local Group as a test for cosmological models

  • SPH Simulations of the Early Universe

    Galaxy Harassment Series

  • On the destruction and over-merging of dark halos in dissipationless N-body simulations

  • Galaxy Harassment and the Evolution of Clusters of Galaxies

    Popular Science Articles

  • Cosmology of the Local Group

  • Understanding The Hubble Sequence of Galaxies

    Transcripts of Talks

  • ESS User Perspective

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